FABTECH First Automation for Biotechnology Ltd was formed with the aim to transform labour-extensive biotechnological processes into automated, reliable serial products for to industrial usage. Automation of biotechnological processes is often limited to robotizing manual processes and building automated readers in order to avoid human interventions. FABTECH aims to go a step further by transforming methods developed recently at laboratory scale into automated products.

FABTECH has a thorough understanding of the R&D and product development processes in biotechnology, starting from the idea born in an academic laboratories and ending as an of-the-shelf product. The biotechnological process is developed by the clients or cooperating partners and FABTECH’s activities include the design, development, building and integration of the first prototype and then its further development to a marketable product. Beside technical development, FABTECH pays attention on the marketability of the device. The cost effective manufacturing in serial production is taken into consideration during all steps of activities. FABTECH supports its clients with market studies and commercialisation strategies, too.   


Automated sample preparation for in-situ detection of legionella

The deadly Legionella bacteria can contaminate artificial water systems. FABTECH’s team participated in the development of a sample concentration and detection system using super paramagnetic nano-beads functionalised by specific antibodies as biomarkers to catch...
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Sampling apparatus for deoxynivalenol detection

Mycotoxin-producing fungi hazardously contaminate a variety of food and feed crops including wheat. As toxic contamination can lead to serious effects on human and animal health, it is essential to monitor its presence in crops. FABTECH’s team contributed to the...
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Enhancing cell competence

Aiding a biotechnological startup on their novel solution. In our collaboration, we developed a special automated laboratory device using extreme high pressure to enhance recovery rate of sperm cells after...
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Virus detection

Our core team participated in the development of HIV early detection biosensor. We integrated the novel biosensor into a custom designed thermal insulated laboratory device. Our partner developed a rapid capacitive ultra-sensitive biosensor that can detect HIV-1 early...
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Microtome automation

Microscopic examination of cell tissue samples is time consuming and monotone process in histology laboratories. The increasing workload in these laboratories has attracted efforts in increasing the levels of automation to enhance productivity without affecting...
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